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My name is Edward Hambrick, I live in Illinois.

I have created this website to gather support in regards to the judicial system of illinois and its egregious actions towards its black and brown citizens. All people, not just those of privilege deserve a government that respects them, serves them and honorable to them.

My story is one of many of the black and brown people of this state. Matter of fact, this is the second time my i had to go to great lengths to protect my rights and fight with judges and prosecutors who are acting contrary to their oaths for all people of this state.

Currently, I am working on my appeal to the State Supreme Court of Illinois and address issues in regards to my rights openly and callously violated in circuit court of Will county. I hope the judges of the supreme court take notice of violations by judges and protect the rights of the people, not stealthily take them from the people.

In my court case, regarding a speeding ticket and a ticket for driving” on “suspended” license.

What’s crazy is the that the suspension came 4 years after the license was already expired.

The judge in my case did not care to hear or read my argument. In fact Judge Jarz told me that in his court, “you are presumed not innocent”.

The court even allowed a person named Michael Passantino to testify as a sheriff officer who witness me “driving” where I have proof this person does not even exists as a sheriff for will county.


I’m not. this is normal justice for black and brown citizens in illinois. The state that had 2-3, hell I lost count, Governors who were sent to prison?! Which makes me wonder what this current governor going to do since I written him twice and no answer. this is the state that has exonerated many black and brown men, wrongly accused or beaten into a confession of a crime. Yep, this great state of Abraham Lincoln.

But don’t take my word for it. Allow me to prove it, and why you should sing my petition for Judicial Reform in Illinois.

When does it end?

I come to find that the reason why I, a prose’ defendant, am being treated contradictory to the constitution of Illinois. I come to understand that they they don’t wanna address my issue because it will once again show how black and brown people rights are constantly being violated  byt those who are responsible for protecting them.

There are two forms of justice in Illinois under one constitution.

We need to change that, Governor Pritzker needs to change that.

So please, read my documents on this website, sign my petition. If you have friends in Illinois or from Illinois, please pass this site to them to sign my petition. If you know of a person whose rights have been violated by a judge or prosecutor of Illinois, please have them contact me and share their story. Governor Pritzker needs to announce if he is going to help us or not.

~ Lalo(Edward) Hambrick-Day

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