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  • Lalo

    This is my part in the protest that #BlackLivesDoMatter. It is important that we hold government official responsible for their actions. I hope you agree and sign my petition to Governor Pritzker to Stand and Be 4 Justice !!

    Thank you so much for your support! (Lalo Hambrick-Day)

  • Lalo

    Happy Juneteenth, Chicago !!, Joliet, !! Illinois !!

    Posted the first video of a series of videos “Judges Oppress us too!”

    Notice that I got more views than likes with this one, lol. Hopefully they share and come back and sign my petition. PLEASE COME BACK AN SIGN MY PETITION.

    I will be posted more video as as soon as inspiration hit me and I muster up courage.

    Thank you for you time for your time and support !



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