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” Oh, there is no question that the system has worked against black and brown communities for way too long. You just talked about something 50 years ago; it still exists today. It’s present today. We have to address it today. It’s not over. The oppression, the discrimination – it’s not over. There’s no doubt about it.

And that’s why, again, all of us – white politicians and people of color who serve in elected office – need to stand up and do the right thing.” 

~ NPR’s Steve Inskeep talks to Gov. J.B. Pritzker about civil unrest in Illinois (06-01-2020).

“Real change, structural change comes from protest paired with policy,”

~ J.B. Pritzker (06-2020)

Governor Pritzker, 

You are hereby notified of an official court record providing evidence of Treason and Misprision of Treason committed by Illinois Judges who have ignored their oaths, Laws and conceal crimes committed. 

18 U.S. Code § 2382.Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both. (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.

On January 19, 2019, I wrote a letter (registered mail) to you about constitutional oaths actively violated by Judges of this state and other outright violations of law. I am here to say I have proof in the official record, for any person to see these violations. My question to you and the (cc’d) Judicial Board of this state, What are you going to do now about Judges committing treason upon Black and Brown People of Illinois? 

Governor Pritzker, with all due respect to you sir, I now ask you to be a man of your presumed character as Governor with authority to see that this matter is swiftly resolved for the Black, Brown and 

ALL People of this state who are oppressed by dishonorable Judges, officers of the courts, in addition to the misconduct of Police Officers. 

On May 18th of this year, the Third Appellate court denied proper review of my appeal that revealed issues regarding my constitutional right to give or deny consent to my government as well as to do its duty to honorably review the merits and/or plain errors presented in my briefs. I am left with the reality that the Judges in the Third Appellate Court knowingly concealed crimes committed by Judge Jarz of the Will 

County Courthouse refusing my documents arguing that they “are not cognizable” by the court, when they are. These Judges have denied my voice, denied obvious truths in the record, and denied me justice.

Governor Prizker,

It is in the official record that Will County Circuit Judge Jarz stated, “ You are presumed not innocent” to a prose defendant.

It is in the official record that Judge Jarz himself admitted to violating his oath to the Illinois constitution.

It is in the official record Judge Jarz allowed false testimony of a person impersonating a 

County Sheriff giving false testimony to my arrest. A F.O.I.A request proves no such sheriff ever existed.

It is in the official record the Court allowed false testimony from a Court officer where it is proven that he did not personally witness actions he testified to. 

It is in the official record the Third Appellate Court displayed its unconscious biases by acquiescence and  accession to the State Attorney’s beliefs that the Emancipation Proclamation and Executive Order of former President and Illinoisan Abraham Lincoln,  – ”have no basis in law or fact”.

The Third Appellate Court denied to review my brief on the merits, and denied to review “plain errors” of  mis-applications of legal principles and Law which can be observed in the record. 

This is all in the record, in plain view, even a caveman can see it. 

Governor Pritzker, the reason why I quoted you during a recent interview with NPR is because I want to know, -Are you going to “stand up” and “do the right thing”? 

HERE,  I am standing up and providing you with undeniable proof that is available to the public and for anyone to verify. That yes, -there is oppression, and yes, -the system has worked against Black and Brown communities for way too long, and yes- It is present today. 

My case is a glaring example of this Treason.  It is Treason!

Are you going to address this letter today and fact check my claim of open oppression via the “systems” of government in this state? Are you going to stand up and do the right thing?

Will the Judicial Board stand up and do the right thing? 

Time is of the essence and I don’t have long to wait for this to be corrected. 

You see, I am asking myself, why would I, or should I, or anyone vote in a system that defies all of its written promises to its People and deny my existence? Why would I vote for a government who denies my voice and its written Laws to sever me? Why would I vote in a system that will undoubtedly continue with oppression through willful neglect? Does that sound like actions of a mentally sane person to you? 

Maybe that’s the goal of state officials collectively? To oppress its People under the color of law. 

If no one acts swiftly to correct this during this turbulent time I am left with the feeling that my voice nor my vote count for anything. It has all been a facade . Blacks lives do matter Mr. Pritzker.

Correction, Black lives of the Nigritian Peoples do matter!

I want to know what are you going to do about it? I need to know if I should vote in any state government election that does not follow its written promise to its people. 

That is why I demand your response and actions IMMEDIATELY !

Or, do you agree with the Judge’s prejudice that I am “presumed not innocent” [sic] in a court of Law? Or would you rather wave your hands, stick your head in the sand of the current theme of  “police brutality” so as to not get involved with current judicial misconduct? Would you rather maintain the status quo of injustice for Black and Brown people?

It is not just the police that oppress, as you have said yourself, “that the system has worked against black and brown communities for way too long”. So what are you going to do today?

In that January letter I sent registered mail to you, I forwarned you that this state has institutionlized slavery under color of law. It is not just the misconduct of Police officers of our state that has worked against black and brown communities, it is also the Judicial system that is working against Black and Brown communities. READ THE RECORD!  I, like many other Blacks, are made victims of intellectual servitude within the court system, where as a non-court officer I am stripped of my voice and forced into  “intellectual servitude” by a system that controls the knowledge and processes of legal academia. I have literal proof of it in the official record. Will you read it? Will you verify it? Will you act? 

I know you may have many questions in your head. What started all of this? What is he talking about? 

It is all in the court record. Are you going to read it? Or turn a blind eye to the gross negligence of State Judges under your watch? 

To turn a blinds eye is proof to me of your complicity and willful ignorance and destruction of Black and Brown lives. Or maybe I should be worried about previous rumors of FEMA concentration camps within the country that Black and Brown people will be forced into?

Time is of the essence Governor, I need to know you’re not complicit. 

Here you stated, 

“But remember, the values of Illinois are somewhat unique. And we’re a state that produced Abraham Lincoln, right? We’re the land of Lincoln. We’re the land of Barack Obama, the land of Ulysses S. Grant. And the fact is that our state has the ability to overcome this. And all of us, including the mayor of the city of Chicago and so many leaders, are in fact standing up and speaking out. “ ~  J.B. Pritzker 06/2020

Whose values are “somewhat unique”? The People or the government that serves them? The people of Illinois deserve to know who you serve through your actions to overcome all government misconduct.   I will continue to reach out to you to resolve this matter. It is your responsibility to me and each of the People in the “Land of Lincoln, and Obama” to stand up and overcome police misconduct as well as judicial misconduct in this state. I will continue to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court who I hope will take interest in this issue and “stand up” and take “action” as leaders  to “overcome” this “oppression”.

Governor Pritzker, This state produced Abraham Lincoln who by Executive Order of 1863 freed the slaves, which included their descendants. I am giving you notice that Judges in Illinois are acting contrary to that Executive Order and are oppressing Blacks. 

Governor Pritzker, do you have the ability, moral aptitude or desire to overcome this? I need your answer. We the People need your answer through your actions now !!

You also stated, 

“Real change, structural change comes from protest paired with policy,”  ~  J.B. Pritzker 06/02/2020

We obviously have protests from the people of Illinois who are standing in unity that this must change. The People of this state need a new Judicial policy made now. Not next week, Not after Labor Day, not after a quiet calm period, and certainly not after the November 3rd elections. This must be done now! 

You can start now by seeing to it that these 5 Judges are reviewed and removed from the bench.

Restore confidence in the system now!  These five Judges should all be removed now! These 5 Judges should be replaced with someone who actually honors the oath and their duty to the People of Illinois.

On June 9th I will be submitting to the Illinois Judicial Board my formal complaint of these 5 Judges, including the Appellate Judges who concealed a crime committed by Judge Jarz. I herrin provided a cd containing a copy of my complaint as well as copies of the official record to substantiate my claims. 

It is all in the official record. 

The problem is, everyone appears to be avoiding the facts in the record at my expense!

Are you going to do the same? 


Lalo (Edward Hambrick)-Day


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