The bullshit never cease,

Why I get back the certified green card back in the mail with no signature? Nothing. This was the letter to the Illinois Judicial Board with my complaint against judges. I don’t know if someone tampered with my mail, destroyed it, or what?

You know I mad right?
This is the first time I ever have a certified card returned back to me with no signature. Although, there was this one time one took 7-8 weeks for it to finally be delivered. But at least that one came back with a signature. Now I got to deal with the post office worker who I know is just wanna blow me off with thier B.S. reasoning, when I paid for a freakin signature.

I feel like I should just cut through the chase and go for the manager. Then to ad insult to injury, I look up the tracking number and it says it’s still in delivery? WTH? .

So I don’t know where my letter with my complaint is. But I have the card back with no signature, smmh, lol. Cant make this up. At least my letter to the governor was received.

Now I guess I got make phone calls Monday and be sure it was received or else they gonna get my Administrative Tri-Facto. Another mailed, one faxed, and one hand delivered from me!

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No Signature!
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