Neither rain, sleet, snow or Covid19

I have come to find that my letter was received by the Illinois Judicial Board. It appears the staff are not enjoying their reopening to the public since this COVID19 outbreak. The staff person who assisted me, confirmed she had my complaint and explained to me that they were just now returning to work.

I was told that my cd, will not be open out of concerns of , I guess, malware or computer viruses. I’m not surprised. It is a shame that in the 21st century our courts still uses 19th century technology. As if I’m going to spread a virus on their computers, smh. Just another reason for them not to read, accept, hide and to deny my complaint.

I will refresh my understandings of their process to review judges. I am sure there is something there that will be used to prevent me justice. Might as well write those up and submit it to the whole.

I can’t believe all this government and no justice,

Not by coincidence, but..

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